From the Principal

At Wenona, we are continually striving to provide a stimulating, contemporary and relevant educational environment for our young women. We seek to challenge traditional concepts of schooling, and do so by focusing on diverse learning experiences that help our studentsbecome creative thinkers, life-long learners, and leaders in their chosen fields.

To fulfil our ongoing commitment to future Wenonians, we are focused on exploring future directions in technology, researching contemporary learning environments, and developing creative and stimulating educational experiences.

As we celebrate Wenona's 130th year, we look to the future with a determination to provide every opportunity for our young women. We are committed to providing an outstanding educational environment that will enable them to develop their passions across a broad range of disciplines.

In the physical environment, our driving force is the Master Plan, developed by Wenona's Board of Governors over the past two years. It provides a comprehensive road map for the ongoing development of the School, and is a significant cornerstone of the School's vision.

The first stage of this Master Plan will be the development of a world-class, multi-purpose educational facility that will include state-of-the-art STEM laboratories, an Aquatic Centre with additional specialist sports functionality, a purpose-built food technology kitchen and a university- grade learning commons for the Senior College.

It is with deep gratitude that I thank you for supporting this investment in the future of all Wenonians.


Dr Briony Scott

Vision and Master Plan

Wenona is committed to providing leading-edge learning experiences, designed to foster the flexibility and creative thinking needed for complex problem solving challenges of the future. Our vision is to provide a stimulating education that equips our girls to serve and shape their world.

It is essential we provide the infrastructure to support these educational ambitions with world-class facilities that will meet the changing needs and goals of our students for generations to come.

Our Board of Governors has been developing strategies for effective progress in all areas of our educational methods, resources and environments over the past two years. The resulting Master Plan will inform the short and long-term development of the School's infrastructure.

View of the Elliot Street entrance

The centre's new swimming pool

Wenona STEM Centre

The first stage of our Master Plan implementation will be construction of the Wenona STEM Centre and Sporting Facility. This world-class, ecologically driven, educational and sporting complex will not only promote excellence in STEM studies, but provide a holistic, dynamic and uniquely experiential learning environment.

Designed by architects Tonkin Zulaikha Greer, the $40 million development will be a working example of sustainable design excellence. Students will witness the dynamics of ecologically sustainable materials, structures and systems at work.

The university-style building is designed around a multi-level open space to create a social ecosystem with connectivity the key to its flexible, consultative and collaborative learning spaces. It will include:

  • A purpose built STEM Centre including learning areas, state-of-the-art labs, and food technology kitchens.
  • An ecologically designed Aquatic Centre, including a water polo-ready 25m swimming pool, learn to swim pool and change rooms.
  • A sports science hub including gymnastics centre and bio mechanics sports equipment.
  • University-grade learning areas, seminar spaces, exhibition spaces and flexible, interchangeable learning and collaboration areas.
  • Internal/external green spaces for reflection, study and collaboration.

Plans, a video fly-through and a location map are also available.

View of the Miller Street entrance

STEM centre entrance from the Miller Street Courtyard

Wenona has excellent financial governance and is carrying minimum debt. In preparation for this project, the School will ensure nearly $20M will be available before the main building contracts are signed. The balance will be covered by commercial borrowings and funds raised by the Capital Appeal. The more money raised by the Capital Appeal, the less commercially borrowed funds required and the earlier we can move on to Stage Two of the Master Plan.

Throughout the developed world, a new approach to education is emerging; one that harnesses physical and digital interaction, values informal collaboration and explores individual learning styles. Creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills are also crucial to forming the foundations of an adaptive and nimble global workplace of the future.

Significantly, skills in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are internationally recognised as the lifeblood of emerging industries such as biotechnology, information & communications technology (ICT), advanced manufacturing and renewable energy. To study these subjects effectively, students require access to specialist equipment and teaching resources.

The construction for the Wenona STEM Centre and Sporting Facility can be completed with limited disruption to the normal activities of the school and, once completed, will provide the flexible student areas necessary to facilitate subsequent construction phases.

Wenona will support the project to ensure 100 per cent of every donation will go towards the proposed project. This is an all-inclusive Capital Appeal, with every member of the Wenona community asked to contribute. We recognise the diverse financial capabilities of donors and appreciate every contribution because every dollar will count.

Every Wenonian will enjoy and participate in the exciting educational programs offered by the new STEM centre and recreational facilities as they cater for students of all ages.

Plans are already underway to prepare for the commencement of the building work. Offices and departments within the School have been relocated and the Uniform Shop has been moved to Miller Street. Subject to planning approval, the project will commence in 2016 and our girls will be enjoying the new facility by 2018.

Considerable thought has been given, and consultation sought, to minimising any impact of the building program on students and teachers, as well as the surrounding community. The building site will be well contained and progressive construction management will be employed to minimise disruption. Measures will be in place to ensure the safety of Wenona students at all times.

Pledging Options

Pledge Recognition Level
$2.00+ Friend
$5,000+ Champion
$20,000+ Builder
$50,000+ Leader
$100,000+ Guardian
$250,000+ Benefactor
$500,000+ Patron
$1M+ Life Patron